AJ-3700 Gas Phase Molecular Absorption Spectrometer


The instrument is designed for the determination of nitrides and sulfides in surface water, groundwater, seawater, drinking water, civil and industrial waste water.
It can measure nitrite nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, Kjeldahl nitrogen, total nitrogen, sulfide and other environmental indicators in the water with favorable speed and accuracy.
The results are not interfered by the background of the samples, and there is no potential risk of mercury pollution.


-Light source: targeted to the characteristic spectral absorption;
-Structure: design of functional modules and divisions;
-Single-point calibration: only the solution of highest concentration is needed, the standard curve is generated by automatic dilution;
-Automatic dilution: the sample can also be diluted automatically if it is out of range, the maximum dilution factor is 40 times;
-Pressure monitoring: mechanical and electronic pressure monitoring system to secure the safe usage;
-Homogeneous purging: stabilized gas source and constant flow valve for more accurate flow control and better reliability, purging time and process can be customized;
-Water removal: automatic semiconductor water removal system, PWM temperature feedback control to optimize water removal efficiency;
-Measurement sequence: continuous measurement;
-Built-in core sand gas-liquid separation system to improve gas-liquid separation efficiency and measurement sensitivity up to 300%.

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