AJ-6400 Portable thallium meter series


Used in environmental protection, mining, metallurgy, battery manufacturing, electroplating and other fields of water quality analysis, determination of thallium, lithium and other elements in water indicators.


1 Glow discharge spectrum technology is used to effectively avoid the measurement failure caused by electrode poisoning;

2 Portable design, no external power supply and external air source, can be quickly carried out in the field analysis and testing;

3 Built-in large capacity lithium battery, support more than 12 hours of continuous measurement and analysis, touch screen human-computer interaction, no additional connection to the computer, more simple operation;

4 Direct sample injection without complex pre-processing, 2 minutes to issue test results;

5 Built-in standard curve, on-site can be measured directly or measured according to demand on the spot fitting standard curve, software automatically calculate the measurement results;

6 Built-in large-capacity data storage, real-time display of measurement peak map, support more than 2000 measurement data storage;

7 Support USB computer connection, for measurement data export, equipment software upgrade;

8 Support remote fault diagnosis, the first time to provide technical support and services.

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