APA-500 Automatic Permanganate Index Analyzer


The instrument is designed for the automatic analysis and detection of permanganate index in surface water, groundwater, drinking water and environmental water.
The measurement of permanganate index is done completely automatically, following the national standard . Compared to the traditional methods, it can provide larger amount data with better accuracy but less workload for water quality analysis.


- The whole process is automated and programmed. All parameters and configurations are set in the software and just a click to complete measurement effectively;

-  Constant titration temperature, adjustable in the range of 40-100 ℃;

-  "True" injection sampling system, instead of peristaltic ranging-arm valve bore system. Real-time and accurate control of the injection volume, no correction settings or backdoors for the injection volume data change, to secure the authenticity and reliability of the results;
-Feebly-boiling water bath oxidation design to reduce the water evaporation caused by fierce boiling. The overflow prevention design to minimize evaporating. There is no observable evaporation in the open air thus no additional fume hood is needed to equipped with the analyzer;

-the function to monitor the ambient temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure, can effectively record the testing environmental conditions; it gives warnings if abnormal conditions of altitude, air pressure, temperature or humidity occur, to improve the data validity, authenticity and traceability, and there is optimized compensation programming for the harsh environment such as high altitude, low atmospheric pressure or low temperature;

-Self-adaptive electric gripper, the holding force of which can be self-adjusted in the software. No additional equipment to introduce air, no risk of high pressure or air leakage, and the samples can be transferred by the gripper quietly;
-The point of titration process is determined by human visual simulation, which simulates the human eyes of photosensitive response curve. The RGB data from the sensor is recorded and displayed in real time in the whole titration process;

- The video of titration process is recorded real-time to gives traceability and shows how the color is changing in the sample, and is stored for later review.

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