AJ-6100 Fully automatic iodine element analyzer


Used for automatic analysis of urinary iodine, water iodine and salt iodine in disease control, health, food and other fields.


The system adopts the integrated design of graphite digestion and super constant temperature water bath, which occupies a small area and can be put into a standard fume hood for operation.

It has the function of dispelling air-cooled reflux, and the dissipation is less than 1%.

It has the function of water bath refrigeration, and can realize rapid cooling and normal experiment under high temperature conditions.

Small size: 500mm in front and back length, which can be put into a standard fume hood for operation.

Measurement accuracy: digestion and dissipation: ≤1%

Linear correlation coefficient: γ>0.9995

High efficiency: single measurement time is less than 15 seconds.

Urine iodine: it takes less than 4 hours for 120 samples to be digested and tested.

Water iodine: 60/hour in the whole process test.

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